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February AKC Bernese Mountain Dog's

The Puppies are Here!

Holly & Westley had a stunning litter of 4 girls & 5 boys born on February 10th! They are beautiful & thriving! Both parents are extremely gentle & mellow in nature, so I expect excellent family dogs as well as service dog & therapy dog candidates in this litter. Holly is 68 lbs & Westley is 85: I expect these puppies to be about 68 & 85 lb. for girls & 75 - 95 lb for boys although Bernese are a large breed dog & puppies could weigh a bit more or less than that.

Puppy Health Care

The pups will be on a health care schedule supervised by my vet. Their first de-worming's are at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks & they receive their first Parvo/Distemper vaccination at 5 weeks & second vaccination at 7-8 weeks. Each pup has a microchip implanted & I pre-pay lifetime registration. They all have individual thorough vet checks before going home & you will receive a written exam report from the vet.


Puppy Socialization

My puppies are raised using a detailed socialization program called Puppy Culture & ENS. This program teaches pups to approach life with confidence & curiosity instead of anxiety & fear. Positive training techniques teach each puppy that new experiences are fun & safe not dangerous.

They will learn: potty training, crate training, going on car rides, visiting the vet, being groomed & having their nails trimmed. I have the puppies play with kids of all ages, adults, other gentle adult dogs of various sizes & our cat.


Meet the Parents

Holly is a beautiful Berner girl with a gentle personality. She is 68 lbs & has a smaller but square stocky build with kind eyes & a blocky square face. She loves people & although she is patient & waits her turn for pets once she gets up on the bed or couch she will stay cuddled up for hours when I have time. She is very good with the other dogs - not dominant or pushy. Her & Westley are especially good friends & love sitting on the couch together etc. She does great with kiddos & loves meeting people. Holly isn’t much of a barker & usually watches through the window waiting for me to get through the door & give her love.  

Meet Westley the father to Bernese Mountain dog pups here! His name is inspired by the valiant hero Westley in “The Princess Bride”. He is a very well-structured boy with a thick fluffy coat. Westley is a very laid-back boy especially for a 2.5 year old. He spends a lot of time napping on the couch with the girls but if I’m there he watches me very intently often with a curious, expressive head tilt. His favorite treat is string cheese which he very delicately nibbles from my hand.

Parents Health Testing Information:

Holly's health testing results: 

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbow Prelims: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

OFA Patella: Normal 

OFA Dentition: Normal


Pawprint Genetic Testing: 

Degenerative Myopathy SOD1A: Clear 

Degenerative Myopathy SOD1B: Clear 

Von Willebrand Disease 1: Clear

Westley's health testing results:

OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Hips - Fair
OFA Cardiac - Normal

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

Animal Genetic testing:

VwD1 - Clear 

DM SOD1B - Clear

DM SOD1A - Carries one copy out of two.
*Degenerative myelopathy is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive manner in dogs meaning that they must receive two copies of the mutated gene (a copy from each parent) to develop the disease. Westley will have all clear puppies as Holly is 100% clear. Link to more info: Paw Print Genetics - Degenerative Myelopathy

Pricing Information:

Pet home with their AKC Pedigree, a 5 year genetic guarantee & 1 year extensive hereditary health guarantee that includes hips, elbows, heart, liver, kidneys, eyes & hearing - $2750

Each puppy will go home with AKC pedigree & registration papers, detailed care info for going home, full medical records, adoption contract & health guarantee. Puppies will also go home with 1month health guarantees from AKC & Trupanion. They will have had microchips implanted before going home with you with lifetime registration I have pre-paid so that the pups will always be able to be tracked back to you if lost.

Their go home boxes will have a snuggly blanket that smells like mom, their favorite toys & treats, newborn photos, probiotics, pumpkin and a small bag of Diamond Natural's Large Breed Lamb & Rice puppy food. 

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