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About My Guardian Program!


Jasmine: Brindle Standard Poodle 2 Year Old Already Trained  Available for a Guardian Home. More Info Below

I have a small in-home breeding program. As I grow I have developed a guardian home program that allows dogs to have their own loving family that they stay with full time other than when they come to have puppies. When they retire from my program they stay with their family to enjoy retirement. This ensures that each dog gets plenty of individual attention & love. It is an honor to work with such wonderful people that are part of the guardian program. I get regular updates from them... some have taken their dogs on road trips across the US! Each is so happy & spoiled by their family. We work as a team & I want to have a positive working relationship with each one! The dogs health & well-being is always my first priority. I will only breed a dog that has been health tested & my vet has approved. All of my adult Dogs have a full panel genetic tests done as well as brucellosis & all recommended OFA health testing for the dogs breed done before breeding (Typically OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellas, Dentition & Eyes). 

I work with local families - Within 2 hours for females to Eagle Creek Oregon. You have to be willing to drive the dog to me as needed.

Below Jasmines info is a short summary of the program

To apply to be a guardian please fill the questions on the document attached here: Female Guardian Home Outline (1).docx  & message them to me at-


Meet Jasmine! She is a Brindle Standard Poodle who is 2 years old. She will have a curly no-shed coat perfect for people with allergies & is staying on the smaller side for a standard. 

She loves getting loved on & cuddled with.

She does great with children & old people alike as she does not jump or bite.  She is happy to curl up & watch a movie but also loves prancing around the yard. This gorgeous girl will make someone a wonderful companion. She did a AKC basic obedience class with me & did very well at that. she is very polite & well-mannered but also loves to play with you when given the chance. She is very athletic & has beautiful movement that is so fun to watch when she runs around with the other dogs.


Jasmine would do best with a woman as a primary owner, she bonds better with females. She is not at all aggressive with men but just is shy & may have a harder time bonding well with one as her primary handler. She is good with my brothers around the house, just much cuddlier with me. If you would like to learn more about being a guardian for her send me a message! Female Guardian Home Outline (1).docx


Female Guardian Home Outline

Golden Light purchases a high quality AKC registered health tested girl from a reputable breeder. The puppy will be entrusted free of charge to the guardian & kept as their family pet to love on, socialize & take basic obedience classes with it. The breeder will cover many of the costs of the puppy. When the dog is 2 years of age & has passed health testing the guardian will notify the breeder when she is in heat & she will be with a stud for 4-8 days after which she will be returned to guardian home until 1 week before the due-date of 58 days to have time to settle in. After the puppies are born she will stay with the breeder until the puppies are 2 months old at which point she will go home. For each of the first four litters the guardian will receive a $750 stipend after the puppies go home at 8 weeks OR after the 4 litters a limited registration (this just means no breeding rights). Once she has had her 4 litters of puppies & the terms of the contract that are outlined below have been met, she will be spayed at the breeders expense and the dog___________ will be transferred into the sole possession of the guardian. Female Guardian Home Outline (1).docx

Breeder Pays  

  • Purchase of dog 

  • Flight/Travel to Oregon 

  • Registration with AKC 

  • Microchip & lifelong registration 

  • Post-purchase exam 

  • Routine vet care 

  • Rabies & other vaccinations 

  • Breeding related vet care  

  • Breeding health testing costs 

  • All costs of pregnancy, birth & lactation supplements & care. 

  • All vet care costs of pregnancy, birth & lactation. 

  • Any vet costs & food when dog is at breeders I 

  • ½ cost of Basic puppy training course. 

  • Cost of Spay if after 2+ litters  

  • Pay the guardian a $750 stipend for each of the four litters or choose a limited reg. puppy to keep. 


  • Dog’s food & 1 vitamin supplement 

  • Dogs heartworm/flea 2-in-one preventative 

  • Non-Routine vet care (when dog is home with the guardian) 

  • Dog’s Professional Grooming 

  • ½ the cost of a Basic puppy training class 

  • Gas too & from breeders 

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