I have 2 studs who are available to other ethical breeders. More info on each below & then send me a message!

End Of Year Stud Discount for Lewis & Archer:
$1200 total for live cover or side by side AI. Shipped chilled: $1100 plus collection/shipping costs.
If you are looking for the future put down a $500 deposit & reserve this price for anytime in the future.


Lewis is our AKC registered Apricot Parti Standard Poodle stud. He is health tested and a proven stud to many litters of 8-13 puppies (An average of 10-11 puppies per litter). 

He is a very gentle boy who loves people & has a affectionate, playful and levelheaded personality. Lewis is a quick learner and several of his puppies have become service dogs.

Lewis is 25 inches tall & OFA CHIC Certified.

OFA Hips - Excellent

OFA Elbows - Normal 

OFA Basic Cardiac - Normal

OFA Advanced Echocardiogram - Normal

OFA Eyes (CEAR) - Normal

OFA Patellas - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

OFA BAER (hearing) - Normal

OFA Thyroid- Normal

Brucellosis - Clear

Genetic Health testing through Pawprint Genetics:

DM - Clear

NEws - Clear

VwD1 - Clear

PRA - Clear 

Color Panel: at/a, B/B, e/e, KB /KB, sp/sp, m/m

Coat: CuC /CuC, F/F- Fully Furnished

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Lewis's Previous Puppies


Archer is an stunning 45 lb. Blue Merle Parti AKC Reg Standard Poodle. He is a very sweet people oriented boy, who lives with his guardian who has a young son who Archer loves to play with & an elderly 3 legged dog that he gets along with super well & is not too rough with. Archer has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen award & is a very well mannered & gentle boy. His is very level headed which is a goal of mine with the poodle breed: not a big barker or anxious & high strung. Health testing results:

Pennhip: DI = 0.34, well above the breed average

of .46 no evidence of Osteoarthritis for either hip.

OFA Elbow Prelim - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal

OFA Patella’s - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal/full clean bite

OFA CEAR - Scheduled

Embark genetic health testing all clear including:

DM - Clear

NEws - Clear

VwD1 - Clear

PRA - Clear

GM2 Gangliosidosis - Clear

Osteochondrodysplasia - Clear

Intervertebral Disc Disease (Type I)- Clear


Color panel: kbky, atat, BB, spsp, M*m DD. Fully furnished: FF

Previous  Puppies


Future Stud's at Golden Light 

These boys will be offered as studs if they pass all their remaining Heath Testing


Stud Dog Service Information

My studs are available for shipped chilled semen, live cover or side-by-side AI in Eagle Creek Oregon [near Portland & Mt Hood]. If doing live cover I have found it easiest if you bring the female too me, we have a supervised breeding & then you take her home & return 2 days later for a repeat breeding - it is the same amount of driving as it would be if she stayed her but this way your female can stay under your care. If you live a long distance away, I can help with transport.

Message me with your female's health testing info. All females must have a recent clear Brucellosis test (within 30 days & no sexual contact with any dog post-test).  

Stud Dog Service Prices- 

If 3 live puppies are not born, you can breed on the following heat for no extra charge. 


End Of Year Stud Discount for Lewis & Archer:
$1200 total for live cover or side by side AI. Shipped chilled: $1100 plus collection/shipping costs.
If you are looking for the future put down a $500 deposit & reserve this price for anytime in the future.

Live cover/side by side AI: 

Lewis Red Parti AKC Standard Poodle - $1450 

Archer Blue Parti AKC Standard Poodle - $1600

Shipped Semen Stud fee for Lewis & Archer:

$1200 one shipment with 2 samples

Collection and Cursory Evaluation through ICSB or Newberg Vet : $150

10 day premium Semen extender: $25 per shipment. Reusable Shipmate

Canister & Cooler: No charge but must pay for return shipping.  

Total: $175 plus shipping determined by destination - typically $85-200

Stud Trades: Will consider trading stud services if you have a OFA or PennHip-tested stud.

Especially a Tri Aussie, Bernese Stud, Tri phantom parti or Tri Phantom Mini Poodle or Bernedoodle.

Please send me a message with your stud's info if you would be interested in this.