I have 3 studs who are available to other ethical breeders. More info on each below & then send me a message!


Lewis is our AKC registered Apricot Parti Standard Poodle stud. He is health tested and a proven stud to many litters of 8-13 puppies (An average of 10-11 puppies per litter). 

He is a very gentle boy who loves people & has a affectionate, playful and levelheaded personality. Lewis is a quick learner and several of his puppies have become service dogs.

Lewis is 53 lbs. 25 inches tall & OFA CHIC Certified.

OFA Hips - Excellent

OFA Elbows - Normal 

OFA Basic Cardiac - Normal

OFA Advanced Echocardiogram - Normal

OFA Eyes (CEAR) - Normal

OFA Patellas - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

OFA BAER (hearing) - Normal

OFA Thyroid- Normal

Brucellosis - Clear

Genetic Health testing through Pawprint Genetics:

DM - Clear

NEws - Clear

VwD1 - Clear

PRA - Clear 

Color Panel: at/a, B/B, e/e, KB /KB, sp/sp, m/m

Coat: CuC /CuC, F/F- Fully Furnished

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Simba is a beautiful AKC registered Standard Black based phantom Poodle stud. He is a very gentle boy who loves people & has an affectionate, playful and levelheaded personality. He is quite the charmer & always leaves me smiling with his fun boisterous personality & ever enthusiastic greetings.

Simba is 58 lbs. & a proven stud to beautiful tri abstract & parti colored pups with beautiful dark rust points. 

OFA Prelim Hips - Good

OFA Prelim Elbows - Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac - Normal

OFA Patellas - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal/Full

OFA Eyes – Normal

Embark genetic health testing all came back clear:

DM - Clear

NEws - Clear

VwD1 - Clear

PRA - Clear

GM2 Gangliosidosis - Clear

Osteochondrodysplasia - Clear

Intervertebral Disc Disease (Type I)- Clear

Fully Furnished: F/F

Color panel: ky/ky, at/at, S/sp, B/B, m/m, D/D 

His Bernedoodle puppies have been gorgeous with deep copper points!

Simba is also available for SALE to a small ethical program. I simply don't have enough females in my program to use him with to justify keeping another stud in my program. Simba is available with full AKC breeding rights for $20 OBO. Delivery by me available to Oregon, Washington & part of Idaho & California ground transportation to the rest of the US be arranged

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Stud Dog Service Information

My studs are available for shipped chilled semen, live cover or side-by-side AI in Eagle Creek Oregon [near Portland & Mt Hood]. If doing live cover I have found it easiest if you bring the female too me, we have a supervised breeding & then you take her home & return 2 days later for a repeat breeding - it is the same amount of driving as it would be if she stayed her but this way your female can stay under your care. If you live a long distance away, I can help with transport.

Message me with your female's health testing info. All females must have a recent clear Brucellosis test (within 30 days & no sexual contact with any dog post-test).  

Stud Dog Service Prices- 

If 3 live puppies are not born you can breed on the following heat for no extra charge. 


Live cover/side by side AI: 

Lewis Red Parti AKC Standard Poodle - $1450 

Archer Blue Parti AKC Standard Poodle - $1600

Simba Black Based Abstract Phantom - $1250

Shipped Semen Stud fee for Lewis, Archer & Simba:

$1200 one shipment with 2 samples

Collection and Cursory Evaluation through ICSB or Newberg Vet : $150

10 day premium Semen extender: $25 per shipment. Reusable Shipmate

Canister & Cooler: No charge but must pay for return shipping.  

Total: $175 plus shipping determined by destination - typically $85-200

Stud Trades: Will consider trading stud services if you have a OFA or PennHip-tested stud. Especially a Tri Aussie, Bernese Stud, Tri phantom parti or Tri Phantom Mini, Moyen or Standard Poodle. 

Please send me a message with your stud's info if you would be interested in this.